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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How Many Inches is Too Many?

3-4 inches…Perfect
Any less or any more is not acceptable!

That girl with the 7 inches all the way to her knees…is she going to muck out her horses stall? Probably not, huh?

Wait, what did you think I was talking about? Your jeans people, cuffing your jean!

And her, with the ½ inch cuff above her shoes…it is not 1984 girlfriend, it is a trend!

And him, wait, can men cuff their jeans? Even the appropriate 3-4 inches? Debatable. I’d say don’t try it unless you are gay.

The point is, that the big cuff on jeans is a trend that has stuck around a little longer than I personally expected. Therefore, by now, everyone should understand how it works. Because we are cuffing our jeans again does not mean that it is ok to cuff them as a matter of practicality! It is a fashion statement. The point being to crop your jeans, give your regular old jeans an exaggerated fun look. It is not so that your jeans don’t drag on the ground!

Some rules must be followed here or this trend, like most, can look ridiculous. Like those of you with your cuff all the way to your knees...I know, I know, you’re different, you’re edgy, you don’t want to look like everyone else. Ok, except you do, or you wouldn’t be following the trend by taking it to extremes, you’d be wearing flannel pajama bottoms and doc martens or something.

The cuff should be 3-4 inches and should crop your jeans above your ankles, mid calf. Now if your jeans are super long and the 3-4 inches doesn’t cut it, then that does not mean cuff them to your knees and it doesn’t mean cuff them the 3-4 inches but they are now regular length…just don’t cuff those jeans. Not all jeans are cuff-able (yes, maybe I maybe up that word)!

Or those of you with your ½ inch cuff because your jeans are too long…that isn’t the point here. Either a.) wear higher heels, b.) buy jeans with an inseam or c.) cuff your jeans the appropriate 3-4 inches and look fashionable.

This winter, we will wear the trend a little differently, with boots, like your winter capris. But please, please, please, cuff with caution!


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